is one of my favorite ensembles in the business, and I always have a blast performing with them!
is very close to my heart. This chamber orchestra attracts some of the warmest, most talented musicians in the country. I love staying with my host family down there in Memphis- nothing like Southern hospitality!
is a group that's going to help change the world, I'm excited to be a member of this collective and to work with these esteemed artists and colleagues.
is one of the most impressive and comprehensive Teaching Artist programs out there..
is a training program at Carnegie Hall that has greatly influenced the direction of my career as well as develop my passion for community engagement.
is a fantastic collection of classmates and colleagues from Eastman - I love playing with this contemporary group made up of old friends and new-music lovers!
published an article I wrote about my time working with students in South Africa in the summer of 2011.
My mother's gorgeous artwork, and also my inspiration to make a website with icompendium!